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Creating a Modern Polycom in Dobje

  • Creating a Modern Polycom in Dobje

    Creating a Modern Polycom in Dobje


    Interview with President of the Board, Iztok Stanonik and Managing Director, Iztok Dolenc


    Dobje is a small village in Slovenia under the municipality of Gorenja Vas – Poljane. It is located between Poljane and Srednja Vas, close to the river Poljanska Sora. In the past, large farm buildings were built in Dobje, as their livelihood relied mainly on livestock. After the independence of Slovenia, the farmers’ cooperative buildings fell into ruin. Later on, Dobje Mill operated from this location and now a new industrial zone is in development there, which Polycom will be a part of as well.


    Why buy land in Dobje? Because of strategic reasons?polycom_01_dobje_low res

    Choosing Dobje for the location of Polycom’s new headquarters was not a strategic decision so much as a choice based on tradition that respects the roots from which Polycom was created, having started out in this region. Nonetheless, with the newly built Poljane bypass, the new location will be easily accessible. In addition, it was important that Polycom stays in the Gorenja Vas – Poljane municipality as most of our employees are from this area. Industrial zone Dobje, with all the necessary infrastructure, will be comparable to industrial zones in bigger cities; therefore we will have everything we need to run our business effectively and efficiently.


    What, in addition to the size, will the new facility bring to Polycom compared to the old facility?

    The new facility will offer possibilities for further development since it won’t be completely occupied. In addition, work conditions will drastically improve and become more balanced with the working conditions found in the companies of our competitors. A new, modern Polycom, a global company with great ambitions, will be created in Dobje.


    What are you expecting from the new industrial zone?

    It’s mainly about finally having an industrial company meet the expectations the rest of the world has of such a company. For example, the new facility will have a reception, a management building, a production department and a proper parking lot. In Poljane, we are in the middle of the village, thus one of the issues we currently face is the frustration of the locals with the noise and lack of parking which will be resolved in the new location. Our company has long outgrown the framework of a craftsman workshop; we need to think big in order to position ourselves amongst the top companies. The industrial zone will have all the capabilities of our global competitors.


    Will everything in Dobje be the same as it is now in Poljane?

    It will be easier, since we will have everything at hand in one place. The warehouse will be close-by so the flow of products will be smoother and more efficient. What is most important is that we won’t be fragmented anymore; the company will be complete in one space.


    What activities can be expected in the future? Are there plans for any new business ventures?polycom_03_dobje_low res

    The first phase is all about moving the existing production from Poljane to Dobje. Tool production and injection-molding production will finally get the space they deserve in relation to their importance to our company. We are not planning any new ventures at the moment. On the contrary, we will focus on what we do best. We will place a bigger focus on maintaining the high standards required for controlled environments in production and perhaps in the future try to reach global standards of clean production.


    What are you expecting from the new facilities?

    We are aiming towards optimized production. Of course, the work conditions will be better as we will have everything at hand so the work process will be faster, better, more productive and more efficient…Since everything will be in one spot, we will be able to build even better personal relationships – both with our employees and with our customers.


    In Dobje – with its geographical position, architecture, and the facility location – will you be able to be more competitive with local and international companies?

    Yes, we will. That is one of our main goals.

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