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Betting on Young People

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Betting on young people


In addition to completing their studies, scholarship recipients are required to work for our company for at least as long as they receive company scholarship funding. Polycom publishes a call for scholarship applications for secondary school and university students studying in the fields of toolmaking, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and other related fields.

Call for company scholarship applications.

Gaining Work Experience

At Polycom, practical training is determined by a student’s school curriculum. Students are provided with the opportunity to acquire skills they could not obtain during the practical component of their school curriculum.

The following training positions are available at our company: toolmaker, metal designer, computer programmer, mechatronics operator, mechanical technician, mechatronics technician, chemical technician, environmental technician, mechatronics engineer, mechanical engineer and IT engineer.

Student Work

Work for university and secondary school students is occasional or temporary work that students can obtain through an authorized staffing institution on the basis of a student work permit. Our company provides students with the possibility to work all year round, with demand being somewhat higher during student holiday seasons. Work for students is offered primarily in the Production and Toolmaking Departments.

Arrangements can also be made for other types of cooperative work, including research work for seminars and theses, etc.

Job vacancies – secondary school and university students

  • Each year, Polycom dedicates over 3500 working hours for university and secondary school students to complete their practical training.