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Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is the mirror image of a company. This is something we are very well aware of at Polycom and so we’ve addressed very seriously and carefully the project of renewing our corporate identity all with the goal of rejuvenating the company’s visual identity in accordance with its adopted vision and mission statement.

The basic elements of the corporate identity of Polycom Škofja Loka d.o.o. are:

a) image symbol,
b) word symbol,
c) standard colour,
typographic style and the so-called
e) "fifth element".

All of these elements and their guidelines are laid down in the CDF reference manual.

Excerpt from reference manual:

The standard colour is light green in the following colour shades:

a) CMYK = C29,M0,Y100,K0;
b) RGB = R193, G216, B47;
c) #c1d82f;
č) Pantone 382

The colours may not be altered or corrected. Only the colour versions available on this web site are permitted.


This site lets you download the logo in basic version for use in print (pdf) or electronic media (jpg) and for use in various printing techniques (multi-colour, monochrome, black and white).