For a fast and efficient production
Innovative solutions developed and implement for you by our experts are a direct result of a detailed and technologically perfected work.

For the achievement of a highly effective and reliable production of thermoplastic injection products we implement automation and robotization into the process, which allows us extreme flexibility and ensures a high quality to our customers with less human factor defects.

Focused on the optimization of the process

Automation and robotization are the basis for our progressive production process as they ensure a reliable control and outstanding quality of our products and services. With the possibility of a more precise planning and the optimization of production processes, the final products are delivered faster and more effectively.

Get to know all the key advantages of automation

  • a higher added value for products
  • insurance of a larger production volume
  • a higher flexibility of production processes based on your needs
  • a lower quantity of material and energy
  • a lower environmental impact
  • a higher safety level among employees at work


Knowledge is always in the background

Behind each device there is always a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience involved from our prestigious team of experts. We are proud of our colleagues with their extensive and comprehensive knowledge of electronics, mechatronics, and engineering, who constantly implement innovations and enrich our automation process. This human factor in particular plays a key role in our way to a 100% automated process.

We create flexible solutions

In the automation department we offer robotics support in different phases of the production process:

robotic grippers for the handling of products from the tools

  • complex grippers for the insertion of metal inserts in the tools for plastic injection (developed and constructed in-house)
  • automation besides the machines for plastic injection moulding
  • assembly and control devices
  • feeders for feeding inserts
  • flexible dosage systems
  • autonomous assembly machines (half-automated, fully-automated)
  • process control (machine vision, cells for the measurement of forces, final control of inserts after injection with vision sensors, etc.)

Contact us

We have been collaborating with numerous industrial companies for several years, with some of them for over 20 years. All our customers are treated like partners and we always aim at a long-term cooperation.