Managing quality
Excellency with an integrated system
Your satisfaction with the final product or service gives us impulse to move forward.

We have included an integrated quality management system into our development process, with which we ensure products of high quality as well as care for the environment, health and safety on the work place.

The guidelines of an integrated system build trust in our employees, customers, partners and the local community. Our responsibility lies in never stopping our strive to constantly improve quality on all levels.

Success is key

With a unified system of quality management we constantly develop and optimize our products and services, our approaches, organization , as well as the knowledge and integration of employees. Our main goals are customer and partner satisfaction, as well as motivated employees. These motivate us into thinking more inovatively and developing exceptional thermoplastic parts and tools, which elevate thermoplastic manufacturing into a higher level.

Quality certificates

ISO 9001: Quality management system

IATF 16949: Quality management system for organizations in the automotive industry

ISO 14001: Satisfying requirements for an environmental management system

Company policy

Innovative and economic solutions that meet the requirements, needs, wishes and expectations from customers.

The top management is committed to the development and implementation of an effective system, as well as to the management based on objectives.

Training and motivation of employees are key factors for success, which is why we invest in human resources development.

Team work optimizes the process for an easier and more effective goal achievement.

A comprehensive system connects all work processes for an easier implementation and management through all development phases.

Continuous improvements are already part of us and a responsibility of each team member. They help is optimize costs, services and technology.

We improve our business with methods like Lean, Kaizen and others.


Decision-making based on facts – analysis of data and information.

Open dialogue with all parties builds trust and easen the early developmental and process phase.

Social responsibility fosters a special culture and a responsible attitude in the local environment.

Quality standards (ISO 9000 and IATF 16949) support the strategy of comprehensive management aiming at zero defects. They also lead to precise delivery and an effective response to your requirements.

Standard for environmental protection (ISO 14001) leads to a reduced quantity of waste and a reduced raw-material and energy consumption. We advocate for environmentally-friendly materials and technologies as well as process optimization.

Health and safety at work are key for employees’ satisfaction. We provide a safe working space, a responsible management and the management and elimination of risks.



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We have been collaborating with numerous industrial companies for several years, with some of them for over 20 years. All our customers are treated like partners and we always aim at a long-term cooperation.