Supply chain
Support to your door
From the first contact to the last link in the supply chain – your satisfaction always comes first.

With a carefully tuned system we ensure a comprehensive logistical support and guarantee worldwide delivery.

We ensure complete traceability

At Polycom, we work in a paperless office environment (EDI, ASN …), keeping to the principles of Lean Logistics. The constant development in the informational systems allows all parties involved a better control of supply flows. We use and develop the JIT, KANBAN, 5S, CIP systems and guarantee the complete traceability of goods.

Custom-made storage

Our warehouse operations follow and implement all modern trends (i.e. WMS) and offer the possibility for consignment storage.

By focusing on prediction of needs, stock simulation, effective distribution, transport and production planning we secure an effective and balanced product flow and help with strategic decision-making.

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We have been collaborating with numerous industrial companies for several years, with some of them for over 20 years. All our customers are treated like partners and we always aim at a long-term cooperation.