Opportunities for young people
We support innovators of the future
We see the future and potential in young people for an even stronger market presence.

We offer different possibilities for cooperation – from opportunities for career starters to financial support for education and professional cooperation for the acquisition of knowledge.

What we offer to young people:

  • scholarships
  • apprenticeship
  • work practice
  • student work
  • professional cooperation (in investigations, seminar papers, diploma thesis, etc.).

Young people also get a mentor, with whom they are acquainted with different departments and job positions in practice and they gradually learn to work independently within the company.

You can apply via email to: kadri@polycom.si, and please state besides the reason for cooperation (student work, practice…) also your contact information and the location where you would like to work (Poljane or Črnomelj).


Are injection moulding and tool development your passion? Are challenges for you an opportunity and you immediately create the best solutions through technical sketching? Are you driven by a strong wish to prove yourself and be innovative? Then you are the right candidate for us.

We offer the possibility of a scholarship to prospective young people during the duration of their studies. We invest in the human resources of the future, which is why Polycom scholarships offer so much more than just financial support.

As our scholarship holder we guarante:

  • mentoring in your practical work
  • mentoring for your seminar papers and final thesis
  • professional training
  • work on projects
  • employment after graduation

In addition to completing their studies, scholarship recipients are required to work for our company for at least as long as they receive company scholarship funding. Polycom publishes a call for scholarship applications for secondary school and university students studying in the fields of toolmaking, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and other related fields.

Call for company scholarship applications.

Current calls for proposal for scholarship

We are currently offering scholarships predominantly for the following profile:

  • Metalworker – toolmaker / Mechatronic operator
  • Mechanical technician / Mechatronic technician
  • Mechanical engineer / Mechatronic engineer (technical college)
  • Mechanical engineer (BS) / Mechatronic engineer (BS) (technical college)
  • Mechanical engineer (university BS) / Mechatronic engineer (university BS)
  • Mechanical engineer (MS) / Mechatronic engineer (MS) (postgraduate studies – master’s degree)
  • Engineer for polymer technology (BS)
  • Another educational program in the technical sector.

Send your applications to kadri@polycom.si

Currently we don’t have any open calls for proposal for scholarships.

The application should include:

  • resume with contact details
  • your last school report or certificate of passed exams
  • study enrolment certificate for the school/academic year
  • awards and recognitions for achievements during their current education
  • short letter of motivation why the scholarship should be awarded to you. kratko motivacijsko pismo, zakaj naj štipendijo namenimo ravno tebi



The first steps in a work environment are very important! In our apprenticeship program young people gain the competences for working in our company and, at the same time, slowly adopt an independent approach to work and processes, present in our company on a daily basis.

Actively involved in the work

With the help of mentors and cooperators you will actively cooperate during your training for the acquisition of required needs as our future employee. Apprenticeship enables you and us to have a better coordination between your education and our needs.

Apprenticeship is part of the system of Intermediate Vocational Education – 3-year programs – in which a minimum of 50% of the educational program is carried out in the form of practical training at the employer.

A shorter path to employment

Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to have a better training for the needs of economy as well as to have an easier transition from your education to work. With an active cooperation at work during training you will have already acquired an important competitive advantage in the labor market and you will shorten your path to secure employment.

Our programs

We currently offer the apprenticeship program for the profession of METALWORKER – TOOLMAKER.

Polycom apprenticeship offers so much more!

Besides the statutory required apprenticeship program, as an apprentice we offer you:

  • a scholarship contract with the possibility to continue your studies
  • a free hot meal during your apprenticeship period
  • free English tutoring
  • a flexible work schedule

Contact us

We have been collaborating with numerous industrial companies for several years, with some of them for over 20 years. All our customers are treated like partners and we always aim at a long-term cooperation.