Effectively in search of the perfect solutio
A wide and technologically perfected production enables us the perfect adjustment of polymer products to your wishes.

With advanced technology, smart automation, unique process development and the supporting logistics we ensure a comprehensive service to the last detail.

We offer more with innovative technology

Regardless of how specific your needs are in terms of polymer products, with the advanced technology in our production we can offer you a wide selection of development possibilities.

A modern industrial park with more than 100 machines, allows us to perform injection moulding of technically demanding products that require a very wide spectrum of technical thermoplastic materials. We specialize in the injection moulding of multi-component products and in complex injection moulding of thin-walled products.

Substituting metal with plastic

Our development team receives top awards in search of innovative solutions on how to substitute metal products with plastic ones. We can develop unique products, completely made of plastic or combined with metal elements.

We also offer the service of (overmoulding). In this process we insert the metal part before the injection directly in the tool and overmould it, enabling a perfect fit to your wishes.

We offer additional treatment and services

All ordered injected products can also be:

  • supplemented with screws and springs
  • tested in compounds
  • welded together using ultrasonic and “hot plate” welding technology
  • as per the customer’s wishes, products are labelled with printed themes and pad printing

Automation for a higher efficiency

Process automation, lines for regular additional treatments, automatic product pickup and simultaneous measurement of internal pressure on the product – all of this enables us process stability and control, which are key factors for a flawless production of polymer products, following the principle of zero mistakes.

Through process automation we achieve:

  • consistent quality
  • reduction of human error
  • enhancement of productivity

Better granule treatment

All granules are dried beforehand on an advanced central drying system with dry air with ETA technology, which protects the dried material from degradation and ensures an optimal granule

preparation for injection. An additional drying level is ensured by the transport of granules to the machines with dry air. In this way the granules are ready for treatment in the optimal conditions.

With the use of the switch METROCONNECT – RFID 100 % we make sure the right granule is in the right machine.

Unique process development

We strive for maximum process stability on each production phase. In order to reach maximum process stability, we monitor the entire development process as early as the modeling phase, carefully evaluating each step. Verifications are carried out with the help of tools and process testing. The entire process of tool manufacturing technology, injection technology and all supporting activities are supervised to build upon process improvement along the way.

Our process development utilizes the APQP method and particularly PPAP as the basis in modeling product samples.

Control over the serial production quality

Transfer from short-run to serial production is monitored using statistical product control methods. These are carried out on the basis of dimensional and process compliance evaluations (Ppk, OEE). Based on the results of prescribed dimensions and attributable measurements, a thorough overview of process and product quality are obtained.

Dimensional measurements are carried out using 3D measuring equipment, an optical 3D measuring machine, a conturograph and /or other smaller measuring devices.

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We have been collaborating with numerous industrial companies for several years, with some of them for over 20 years. All our customers are treated like partners and we always aim at a long-term cooperation.