Development and toolmaking
Flexibility with in-house toolshop
We develop innovative tools in our own toolshop thus carrying out processes quicker and more effectively.

The development of tools represents an advantage which allows us a rapid adjustment and innovation when designing new thermoplastic products.

3D design with the support of Creo and Windchill PDM Link are used to link tool development processes from initial design stages to final production. As well as analyzing manufacturing possibilities, we also provide consulting services that are aimed at arriving at the best possible technological solutions. This entire segment is rounded off with product optimization and supported by injection moulding simulations that comply with customer demands.

Our expert and experienced research team offers:

  • analysis of manufacturing possibilities
  • consulting on technological solutions
  • product optimization
  • injection moulding simulation using CadMould
  • 3D design using CREO
  • certificates in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • the production of over 1000 tools

Carefully chosen materials for a high quality tool

Our tools are manufactured using only the highest quality steel that guarantees a lifespan of over one million injections. We consult and learn about material use from the best suppliers of specialized steels and alloys. Special tool components and their properties are further optimized using a series of coatings.

When developing a tool we guarantee:

  • the best choice of material for tool parts based on specific requirements (strenght, wear
  • consulting and support from material suppliers (Böhler, Uddeholm, AmpcoMetal)
  • increasing efficiency and lifespan with the use of coating techniques (Oerlikon Balzers)
  • experts for heat treatment
  • fresh knowledge and competences – we constantly follow the new trends on fairs and attend training seminars

Tools that take your breath away

Our tools feature elements that include modular design, rapid changes and optimized cycles. Tool design comes second to reliability, economization and a long lifespan. For development projects, we rapidly produce tool prototypes that enable the small-scale production of test products with real physical properties. Our own injection machines (over a 100 machines, 20-500 ton clamping force) are used for optimization and final product approval. We provide customers with the opportunity to test new tools in real time conditions.

In our toolshop we can provide:

  • prototype tools
  • modular tools
  • sampling
  • small-volume production and sampling
  • process optimization
  • tool service maintenance

Customized tools

Is your goal to manufacture a product who does not comply with the set production standards? We can design a tool according to your needs. In order to create the tool design parts we have a modernly equipped tool development centre in our company. We acquire the standard tool components from a reliable supply chain, which can be adapted to specific projects if necessary (e.g. cooperating with partners for producing a tool with hot runner systems, which are adjusted to the product).

We are trained for the manufacturing of measuring devices, necessary for the validation of tool products. We also develop and produce all necessary mechanical-handling devices (grippers, holders) for the serial production.

The equipment in our toolshop is meant for the manufacturing of tools size 1000 x 800 mm. We offer:

  • prototype tools
  • tools with collapsible cores
  • tools with unscrewing mechanisms
  • tools with siders
  • hot runner systems with special characteristics
  • automation equipment

Contact us

We have been collaborating with numerous industrial companies for several years, with some of them for over 20 years. All our customers are treated like partners and we always aim at a long-term cooperation.