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Polymer Product Manufacturing

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Efficient Production

The manufacturing of polymer products that we develop from concept design to final production represents an important part of our offer. Advanced technology, smart automation, a unique development process and supporting logistics are utilized throughout this process.

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The technology we use places a key emphasis on thermoplastic injection molding, overmolding inserts and value added processing that includes assembly, welding and printing. Automation is based on the automation of processes, lines for concurrent value added processing, the automated collection of products and concurrent measurement of a product’s internal pressure. Process stability and control are key in plastic injection molding. We take care of all logistics and guarantee shipments around the world.

A modern industrial park allows us to perform injection moulding of technicallydemanding products that require a very wide spectrum of technical thermoplastic materials. We specialize in the injection moulding of multi-component products and in the complex injection moulding of thin-walled products.

Through process automation, we achieve consistent quality, reduce human error and enhance productivity.

Our process development utilizes the APQP method and particularly PPAP as the basis in modeling product samples.

We work in a paperless office environment (EDI, ASN …), keeping to the principles of Lean Logistics. We use and develop the JIT, KANBAN, 5S, CIP systems and guarantee the complete traceability of goods.