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Development Process

Polycom process development ENG

A Unique Development Process

Our process development utilizes the APQP method and particularly PPAP as the basis in modeling product samples.

Process stability is key to process development. In order to reach maximum process stability, we monitor the entire development process as early as the modeling phase, carefully evaluating each step. Verifications are carried out with the help of tools and process testing. The entire process of tool manufacturing technology, injection technology and all supporting activities are supervised to build upon process improvement along the way.

Transfer from short-run to serial production is monitored using statistical product control methods. These are carried out on the basis of dimensional and process compliance evaluations (Ppk, OEE). Based on the results of prescribed dimensions and attributable measurements, a thorough overview of process and product quality are obtained. Dimensional measurements are carried out using 3D measuring equipment, an optical 3D measuring machine, a conturograph and /or other smaller measuring devices.