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Product Development

Our Product Development

All development procedures are carried out on the basis of our customers’ specifications: from product design to numerical analyses, prototype manufacturing and verification, required testing. In accordance with the principles of concurrent engineering, we get involved in our customer's development processes during the very earliest phases – thereby ensuring optimal product definition in terms of product functionality, cost-efficiency and effective, high quality production.

Employing State-of-the-Art Methodology

Our development process employs only the most up-to-date software application supported design methods: DFMEA, DOE, CAX, CAD software – Catia V5, CREO Pro/Engineer and CAE software – Catia V5/CREO Pro/Engineer, Abaqus and CADMOULD.

Prototype Parts Production

We offer rapid prototyping, including 3D printing services. To maximize prototype representativeness, standard tools and equipment are used as much as possible throughout this process. 

Reference Products

We’re proud of the products we’ve developed for customers that include Cimos (engine mount for BMW 13) and Volkswagen (parts for steering rack mechanisms).