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A Career at Polycom

At our company, we strive to achieve the satisfaction and long-term development potential of our employees. Staff members are provided with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with cutting edge development technology and to advance their careers in an international environment. The BSI-OHSAS Standard and Promoting Health in the Workplace project plan are evidence of the fact that we view the health and safety of our employees as one of our key priorities.

We regularly monitor the progress of our employees and the dynamics of the company atmosphere.We want our employees to remain actively involved in the company’s growth and development, so we encourage the sharing of creative and innovative ideas among our staff. Each year, over 1.2% of the company’s sales revenue is allocated to education and training.

This is also why we place a great emphasis on working with youth. We provide young people with the opportunity to receive a scholarship, complete a work placement or get hired for student work. We are also open to other possibilities of cooperation, such as carrying out research for seminars, theses or similar.

Due to the company’s rapid expansion, Polycom constantly offers employment opportunities to experts from various fields, but especially from the areas of tool making, production and marketing. We strive to recruit professional staff with broad knowledge and experience.

Proportion of Full-Time Staff

  • Employed full-time 90%
  • Employed part-time 10%

The number of staff employed at Polycom has steadily grown since the company’s establishment, with a slight deviation occurring only in 2008 and 2009.

In addition to completing their studies, scholarship recipients are required to become employed with us after graduating and to work with the company for at least as long as they received scholarship funding.

Due to rapid expansion, we constantly offer employment opportunities to experts from various fields (tool making, production, marketing). We strive to recruit professional staff with broad knowledge and experience.