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Polyhalter project was successfully completed in November 2016.

All objectives and results were successfully achieved.

In order to bring the currently developed prototype of fuel filter holder to industrial readiness (TRL 9), several activities in three different fields were executed.

Starting from already developed prototype holder (bracket) for fuel filter, a serial of tests were executed in order to compare already developed prototype holder with one already build in serial vehicle as representative of current generation. Main criteria for comparison were sound dumping and vibration dumping properties of the two holders. With advantages of polymeric materials the vibration dumping and noise reduction of the product was proved.

Combining results from technical visits and sound and vibration testing, the flexible tooling concept was developed. With this concept and already build prototype tool, Polycom is able to respond to customer inquiries and ideas in a very short time with functional prototypes and testing results, thus reducing time to market on customer side and increasing competitiveness on Polycom side. In parallel to flexible tooling concept, the production process was further developed now being able to produce parts in higher quality and more flexible deliverables. Production process now involves:  self-correcting elements correcting process in real-time, quick changing procedure and all necessary templates.

In order to prove newly developed tooling concept and production process, the initial trial production was built together with all necessary testing equipment. This trial production cell has a capacity of 10.000 parts per month.  In this trial production cell first prototypes, developed with one potential customer, were produced. These parts were mounted into vehicle and tested in operational environment.

In parallel to all technical activities also some non-technical activities took place. Most important were commercialisation activities involving preparation of detailed strategy plan for commercialization and visiting potential customers. By visiting potential customers, the benefits from PolyHalter project were presented with goal to gather new business connections.

Employees were trained to use the project results on all new potential projects, to work with trial production cell and to manage the results from prototype testing, all with objective to serve the customer needs more accurate, faster and focused.

Since being very active in changing existing metal products or parts to polymeric, Polycom has been developed into reliable development supplier in automotive market. Change of product material from metal to polymer is driven by the need to reduce weight, consequently overall efficiency and finally the price of the product. With PolyHalter project we were able to boost product and process development to higher level.

Company Polycom would like to thank to company Mahle for technical support and business opportunity on filter housing brackets used in PolyHalter project.